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ParaZapper MY-3, more power, more modes, more frequencies ParaZapper UZI=3, more power, more frequencies ParaZapper CC2, Quality Midrange ParaZapper 6-Pack, Six in One zapper

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All of our zappers are true square wave positive offset.

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Zapper Testimonials
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  • I have used many types of zappers over the years and I can state from experience and extensive use that Parazapper makes the best zapper and also the best value in a zapper

    Syyenergy7 on youtube -> Best Survival 'Zapper'
  • I have the ParaZapper UZI and simply put you have the best constructed quality zapper I know.

    B.D. - S.E. Asia

  • ... I have some Para Zappers (they are the best! and I've ordered the copper wrist bands so I can ...

    Q.E. - Comment on Youtube

  • I still own one of the old ParaZapper and it work flawlessly. I recommend it.

    eksangha - CureZone member

  • First of all we want to say, we appreciate our ParaZappers very much.
    parasite and internal worms are a big problem here in Guatemala.

    You are great, specially with us. Thank you.

    R.B - Europe

  • Thanks so much for selling the ParaZappers! I had read about them for years and never had the extra money to get one. I went to a workshop given by Valerie H here in Oneonta, NY and we all got to use the zapper. I was immediately hooked and couldn't wait to get one. I let two friends use mine and they ordered zappers too. :)

    Thanks again,


  • it's been now almost 1 month since I am using the pz46 for experimental purposes only and the results have been overwhelming and highly successful. For security reasons, due to my position, I am not able to explain in detail. I am sure you understand that. Thank you for it!

    Orphanage director in Africa

  • I am thankful for this opportunity to rave about my zapper. I recommend it to EVERYBODY I know ... the zapper did much more for my family than it described

    Donna S.

  • I love my ( ParaZapper ) and feel I would not be alive today if it weren't for David sending me one. I am using it now more than ever BECAUSE IT HAS PROVEN TO ME THAT IT WORKS. I have recommnded this zapper to many of my friend.

    I simply love you David.

    Thank you so much.

    Tammy R.

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