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Users views on possible zapper applications

ParaZapper MY3, World's Best Zapper

Video review of ParaZapper CC2

How to use the ParaZapper CC2 and what the indicators show

ParaZapper CC2 very accurate frequency

ParaZapper CC2 very good accuracy

ParaZapper MY video discusses frequencies and their importance

ParaZapper MY video discusses Modes of operation

ParaZapper MY Beck and Clark - best of both worlds

ParaZapper MY has the same powerful, excellent output as the CC2

ParaZapper MY compared to the Bob Beck Blood Electrifier

Examination of the Inside of ParaZapper MY and using the Clark Mode ( Mode 8 )

MY ParaZapper High Output & Pedestal Offset shown on the scope

Bob Beck Zapper and MY ParaZapper

MY ParaZapper Accuracy as shown of frequency meter

ParaZapper emergency survival tool

Discussion of the Bob Beck Zapper

User's Favirite Mode on the MY Zapper

The Zapper I use daily, ParaZapper MY

10000 Hertz, Your Frequency & ParaZapper MY Plus

ParaZapper My Plus, the Best device for Contact Mode

ParaZapper Six Pack, Very Good ACCURACY PROVEN


Easiest Way to Use 'Rife' Contact Mode

Important Healing & Immunity, Rife, Crane & Clark

Definitely The World's Best Zapper ParaZapper MY+Plus

Easy Wide Elastic Bands for 4 point Zapping

1 Hz for Growth Hormone

Why Own a Zapper? & How I Use a Zapper

Remedies for the Upcoming Epidemics

Patazapper 6 Pack is the best low price Zapper & other Great info

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