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ParaZapper Customer Feedback

While we have hundreds of ParaZapper Testimonials, Customer Comments, and feedback, we feel that testimonials are not a reliable source of information as they are one-sided. I have never seen a site that published a negative testimonial, but I can guarantee that they exist, even for the best products such as penicillin and aspirin.

Statistical data presents a more accurate view of results, so we present some of that here following these customer comments. These comments are not presented as cures or as medical claims but as a sample of the results that may be achieved through the "Off-label" use of these products as a form of first aid, relief, and palliative use.

Claims of cures and healing are not allowed in the US for products that are not Medical devices so any comments of this type have been removed for this reason.

The best testimonial that we can provide is the following. Many of our customers after getting great results from our ParaZappers call back and order additional ParaZappers for the rest of their family and for their friends! Nearly 50% of our customers buy from us because they have seen the results that a friend or relative has had from using ParaZapper.
  • Results for those with colds and Flu

    I read the book "The Cure for all Diseases" and it changed my life. I work in the computer industry and have to touch everyone's computer everyday. I had a very bad case of the flu/cold in 11/01. It lasted at least 2 months. I was usually prone to getting at least 2 bad colds per year. (1 fall and 1 spring) I bought my first para-zapper in March 2002 and started using it. I also adjusted my life style a lot. I don't drink after people and try not to be around people who are sick. The last part is very hard since my 2 nephews (age 6 & 4) always have a cold. So far, I am glad to say that I have not had a cold since November 2001. I know I don't need to knock on wood because I now own 2 ParaZappers. My wife had also gone 1 ½ years without a cold. She recently caught a cold from my nephews (of course) but was able to get over it with in 2-3 weeks. While this sounds like a long time it is really a short time for her. Before the ParaZapper she would have colds that lasted a minimum of 2 months. (some went on for 3-4 months). If you are not using a ParaZapper you must be the type of person who enjoys being sick.
  • Experience with zapping Anaerobic bacteria

    Thank you so much for making this product available. It is the most cost effective approach I've discovered. I have a table full of antibiotics, medications and supplements but when my health starts going downhill the zapper is about the only thing I can really count on to reverse the trend.

    Happy with zapping Ascaris and accompanying sinusitis

    I am feeling so much better. More energy.
  • Comments for zapping fatigue

    I am not sure what it does but it does work and it makes me feel better.
  • Zapping Candida and fatigue

    I love the parazapper ! It has saved me so much money that I would have spent on herbal remedies! I feel better after using the parazapper a few weeks than I have after using a truckload of prescription and herbal remedies for the last several years! I've had a systemic yeast problem for practically all of my life, and the last several years I've been reading and realized that was a main reason I was so fatiqued all the time. But the parazapper has made me feel so much better- It has made me feel lighter and bouyant at times and I heard that was how you're supposed to feel when you kill out all the bugs! So thanks a lot to David and Alice at paradevices- I'm just sick that I didn't know about this a few years ago! It would have saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the past on herbal and prescription remedies and believe you me I've tried a lot of them!
  • Zapping spider and tick bites

    Very effective on spider or tick bite,also on facial pain due to cold or flu.
  • Zapping pains and headaches

    The super little tool has been so effective for me since I purchased it. I recommend it as a preventative device to any person even healthy people. I was once sick with constant chest pain and headaches, I virtualy gave up on myself until I purchased this parazapper.
    And yes the salt does make an enormous difference. Before I was told about using salt with the zapper I got nothing but poor results with my first zapper I purchased (from another company). Now with the salt solution I know it's hasta la vista baby for any parasite.
    Thank you for producing such an effective device.
  • Liver-area irritation and pain in the upper neck

    The ParaZapper has helped immensely. Before using it, I felt unusual pains just below my sternum and I had a persistant pain in my upper neck & lower head area. My barber noticed that I had a small bald spot in the area on my head, perhaps caused by my rubbing it so often. In addition, I had a persistant small wart on my upper left forehead that returned continually after removing it with compound W. My father in law is a chiropractor, and his adjustments did not eliminate these pains. However, within a few weeks the pain in my liver-area is GONE, the wart on my forehead has disappeared and the pain in my upper neck is GONE. I try to Zap daily, but miss perhaps one day a week, because I feel so well. I've told others about your product and Hulda's book. I'm a big advocate of your product!,
  • Zapping breast cancer

    it shrank my breast cancer tumor over one centimeter in 2 weeks before my surgery

    I have documentation that the mass that showed in mammogram and ultrasound in my breast @determined cancer thru biopsy@ was a full centimeter smaller at surgery time. Cancer diagnosis on May 30@ 2005. Started Zapper on June 1@ 2005 and surgery on June 14@ 2005. The surgeon remarked in the papers that the mass was significantly smaller than what showed on original mammogram. Tell that to the FDA. I would be happy to send you documentation.

    Susan B.
  • Zapping experience with candida and amoebas

    Has saved us in Mexico...and at the onslaught of colds....and when digestions is slow. ... had out of control candida ... adios amoebas..and good results with the liver flush while zapping

    Most symptoms go away...and we use the zapper at the first symptoms of headaches@ stomach disorders@ or cold symptoms. It works like a charm as alternative medicine. While in Mexico@ I ingested something that caused a bad diahrreah in the night@ and I got up and zapped...and was fine in the morning.@@We both are very happy with this product and tell people about it.@@Keep up the good work. The world needs you.

    Karoli C.
  • Zapping the whole family

    It worked for my husband, my oldest 2 sons, and myself. We noticed a dramatic difference - yeast problems with all 4 of us. ... have a metal hip implant - Maybe a little tingling or twinge for a short time after zapping, but the pros of using the zapper WAY outweighed the cons

    Before we got our ( ParaZapper ), I wrote down all the symptoms of my husband@ my oldest 2 sons@ and myself. Our symptoms improved dramatically, even though we didn't zap near as often as recommended. The only side affects I had was that I was unable to sleep for as long as what I had been sleeping. BUT I was no longer sleepy during the day so I was actually requiring less sleep than I had been. Before the zapper I had yeast very very badly, was sluggish all the time, had shoulder pain, and many many other symptoms. I no longer have any of these things. I am thankful for this opportunity to rave about my zapper. I recommend it to EVERYBODY I know who has problems. THE FDA SHOULD NOT NOT NOT SHUT DOWN COMPANIES SELLING THIS DEVICE! The FDA should not only ALLOW companies to sell the parazappers but should ENCOURAGE the sale and use of it. There would be a loss less problems if they did.

    the zapper did much more for my family than it described.

    Donna S
  • Zapping pains and headaches

    If I zap only once in one session instead of the 4 recommended, I can feel a dryness/irritation in the back of my throat.

  • Zapping plantars warts

    I am trying to kill plantars warts however@ I find that when I zap@ I end up with athletes foot and cause a candida problem. It has helped reduce the size of my plantars warts and also helped to eliminate parasites when I switched between 2.5 kHz and 30,000 hz Note: Always take probiotics after zapping.
  • The zapper has helped some conditions, but made others worse. My son also had a significant athletes foot problem after using the standard parazapper in spite of both of us taking probiotics and eating yogurt.

    Susan B
  • Losing weigh from Zapping

    Felt better and lost weight - had fatigue and not feeling well

    Also using herbal cleanses now so this may effect the results of the zapper. I do know the first few weeks I used it I went to the bathroom more, lost weight, and felt much better.

    Karen L.
  • it performs its function very well ... I am fully satisfied with the ParaZapper.

    Jeff M.
  • Zapping fever blisters

    Results - got rid of fever blister by holding one electrode in hand@ and contacting the other electrode to the actual fever blister on lip - with paper towela and saline. Also@ have stopped two @colds@ from fully developing with early intervention.

    I bought it for a wide range of health concerns@ mostly for tx of acute situations. Diabetes not helped directly so far, however, the zapper has helped general health thereby indirectly helping with Diabetes.

    Great tx for lots of what ails us. Just got back from trip to Pacific NW and Canada and chickened out on taking it with me on flights due fear of what the inspectors might in error think. They refused to hand inspect my homeopathics making me send them through the X-Rays since they are considered "over the counter" - imagine trying to take a zapper through - they would probably have a seizure at the site of such. Oh well, we did not suffer without the zapper with us, but man, it would sure have felt better to have had one close by just in case.

  • Zapping heartworms

    I had Heart worms from dogs & My health has improved after using it.

  • Zapping depression

    I had parasites - did not use it long as the flora die-off was too harsh, but it completely c...d my depression. A wonderful but unexpected bonus. Within one hour it was gone after years of suicidal depression. And it hasn't come back.

    I am worried about the flora die-off as both my husband and I have candida. So that has kept us from using it much. And my husband is so devitalized from fighting bad parasites for the past 10 years that he feels like he's dying after he uses the machine for more than 20 minutes. Wish we could figure this out.

  • have a Viral respitory infection ... Had parasites but not sure what kind they were

    I have Beck and Clark but prefer ParaZapper™ Plus - Gets me well
  • Zapping EVB - Epstein-Barr

    Has helped with EBV

    Laura F
  • Zapping fibromyalgia and arthritis

    have Fibromyalgia, arthritis, intestinal problems

    I am more than pleased with the results that I have obtained with my ParaZapper™. I would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone. My 85 year old Mother uses it. She is gradually discontinuing the use of a walker that she has been on for five years.

    Jerome N.
  • it works and I feel far less pain that I had before from Osteoarthritis, fybromayalgia

  • Relief from Zapping

    I would hide my zapper if someone wanted to take it away from me. It has been the only relief I have gotten for my condition. I just have not used it regular because of a very stressful move I just went through. For the short time I used it, saw great improvement and once I can get back into routine, will be using it regularly.

    Louise H
  • Zapping nail fungus

    For Fungus on nails- very effective. For Candidiasis it needs more time and proper diet.

    I noticed that when I use the 30khz frequency I don't feel anything. However, with the 2.5 khz frequency I feel tingles at first and then it goes away after the first minute.

    also have D. Harwood's zapper -prefer- Yours so far

    N. Vazquez
  • Zapping worms and allergies

    it got rid of some parasites that I actually found...I believe they were flat worms of some sort

    I had major hip pain that was diagnosed as arthritic in nature. I was told that I had a congenital defect and was recommended for hip replacement. I saw the doctor for alergies that I thought could be causing a symptomatic response in my hip. they were not able to identify anything that I was allergic to although they said that they knew I was allergic to something. My wife recommended the zapper so I bought one and began zapping. I passed some parasites within the first four to five days. I did not notice any of my hip pain disappearing but I did notice that my back ache and stiffness in the morning was gone. I then went on a mission of vitamin suppliments and chiropractic therapy. this has taken care of all of my hip pain and I am being back to normal after two years of intense pain. I think that the combination of treatments has helped me. I have also experienced relief from some of my allergies alothough not 100%. I intend to have accupuncture treatments to help with them. ...

    I zapped in the morning and in the evening for 14 minutes with 20 minutes in between. I zapped at 2500 during one of the zappings and at 30000 during the other. I have to caution anyone who would do this as I got the worst case of athletes foot symptoms that I have ever had. My toes felt as though they were on fire for a few days. I was not taking pro biotic or eating whole yogurt. When I did the symptoms cleared up. It is very important to add these two suppliments to your diet when you are doing heavy duty zapping.

    Daniel B.
  • Life changing experience - Zapping swollen feet and ankles

    I started by using a home made device belonging to a friend just to see if it would help me with my many problems, ie swelling of feet and legs, extreme tieredness just to name a couple. The results I had from it were life changeing. My feet and legs do not swell anywhere as bad as they did and my engery level is better then it has been for years. I first noticed that my heels which were always dried and cracked no matter what I did were no longer so, I had a dry spot on my bottom lip that kept reappearing everytime I took it off that just fell off one day and did not come back. My engery level has been the biggest improvement in my life but now it seems my eye sight is improving also. I no longer use my perscription glass and only use reading glasses when the print is to small to see clearly. I bought the ParaZapper as I needed to return the home made one and did not want to stop zapping. I continue to zap at least twice a week with 4 14 minute secessions 7-7. My engery level continues to stay good and so I continue to zap.

    Thank you for being out there and providing these life changing devices. If you have any sugestions for me to better improve how I am using the zapper please let me know.

    Thank you, Phyllis
  • Prefer CCa for Zapping multiple problems

    I started using Hulda's first zapper years ago. I haven't had a cold or taken a flue shot during that time. I believe it will kill parasites and viruses. It should replace anti-biotics. My dentist no longer insists I take an anti-biotic before a major operation.

    also have The SyncroZap supplied by the Self Health Resource Center. I still have one. I gave one or two to my son. We both realized early on that they were effective.

    prefer Para Zapper CCa ... It works

    Kenneth L.
  • Zapping hives and candida

    Using the ParaZapper caused me to discover that the chronic hives I had had for almost 11 years were caused by Candida. No doctors or naturopaths had been able to identify the cause of my hives and itching skin.

    1 I'm still zapping daily-but I saw great improvement after about 2 months of zapping

    Denise B.
  • hi I bought the parazapper because I was intrigued. I didn't have any specific health problems I was trying to fix. I zapped a cold once effectively, and I used both the copper paddles in addition to the handholds and saline solution. The directions in the manual were helpful.

    Johanna M.
  • Zapping liver flukes

    We had been attacking liver flukes for 4 months with potent natural remedies. Suggested to try a Zapper. It took another four weeks and many sick days to destroy the critters. But am free of them now and thanks for the product.

    Robert R.
  • Zapping prostate and general health

    Note when I first got my zapper CCa, I could feel the current going dirctly to my pain area and providing relief. I have not gotten any colds so far this year which I would always get every year. I also had someone who has achiellies heel who said the pain went away after only one session. I can honestly say that using the zapper has helped my general health as well as my cancer. I have had two seperate doctors tell me to keep doing whatever it is I am doing because I am improving. I am continuing to zapp regularly.

    Prostate cancer my PSA was 62 and I could not have surgery because the cancer was to advanced. ... My cancer has not advanced. I feel that between the zapper and my diet I have been able to improve my health. I had some immediate results but ot what degree it was hard to say. I continue to zap regurlarly

    Tom A.
  • Zapping IBS - irritable bowel syndrome

    irritable bowel syndrome ... noticed improvement right away, but still felt effects of zapping into the fourth week of daily zapping

    experienced ... lots of itching after each session, not really uncomfortable or causing any problems, some skin crawling during session and one in the forehead, still not causing any discomfort or problem

    I have had much more energy since zapping and needed 1-2 hours less sleep. I am very thankful for this improvement in my lifestyle.

    Lynn M
  • Zapping for Lyme

    Lyme ... used CCA ... every day, two 14 min sessions on each frequency with 20 minute rest intervals. Once a day for 7 days ... it works

    Deborah F
  • Zapping leukemia, epstein-barr, herpes

    CCa for viruses which drive my leukemia--epstein barr, herpes simples

    Carol B.
  • Feel better from Zapping

    Bought CCA To help with parasit control.

    It is effective for killing viruses.

    Initially two week on daily basis, then few times a week, now whenever I want to maintaine. Also use if I feel bad. This has stopped illnesses that I did not know what they were, but felt better after sapping.

    Heart flutter which stopped after sapping. Expect for a few days of spasms or jerking

    V Scott
  • Zapping sinus problems

    ParaZapper PLUS chronic sinisitis used 1 month daily use at 14 mins on and 20 mins off x3 ... effective and easy

    I can only state the good it ParaZapper has done for me. Every change of Season, I had a sinus infection.I lost work and it would make me miserable for weeks. Since I Zap every day now, my bouts are extremely diminished and I can enjoy the outdoors again.

    Mildred C
  • Zapping helped neuropathy

    ParaZapper CCA for full body neuropothy - severeve pain

    I have been able to reverse neuropothy

    Steve G.
  • Zapping chronic fatigue

    ParaZapper CCa for Chronic Fatigue

    After the first session I had highly improved energy. One Day - I've been slacking and need to start using it again

    John S.
  • Zapping really helps

    ParaZapper CCa ... parasites, yeast, poor memory

    Used 3 to 5 times per day for 2 to 3 weeks

    I love my zapper and feel I would not be alive today if it weren't for David sending me one. I am using it now more than ever BECAUSE IT HAS PROVEN TO ME THAT IT WORKS. I have recommnded this zapper to many of my friend.

    I simply love you David.

    Thank you so much.

    Tammy R.
  • Zapping with hip prosthesis

    ParaZapper PLUS ... have titanium hip joint replacement ... Minor burning/pain noticable for a day or so if I do more than 14 minutes X 3. I cannot use the footpads at all for this reason. I may not get the best possible results, but I don't get the burning in and around my hips either. I would say I've become very conscientious using my zapper when and if I feel I need to, and using care not to overdo it. I use it one session daily, consistantly for two weeks, and then quit. Then I'm alright. I did have my annual x-ray after overzapping resulting in pain for a few days, and no deterioration was noted by the surgeon. I didn't tell him I was zapping, so he wasn't looking for anything, but I was relieved just the same.

    At the beginning of a two week session I notice headaches and malaise that I associate with die-off of whatever it is that is being zapped. It is uncomfortable for a couple of days, but I consider it progress.

    Elizabeth P.
  • Zapping molluscum contagiosa

    C...d molluscum contagiosa in my daughter quickly and painlessly

    Used ParaZapper PLUS Every day 2 x until cleared up - about 2 weeks

    Angela G.
  • Zapping Rheumatoid Arthritis and viral and bacterial infection

    bought ParaZapper PLUS for Rheumatoid Arthritis

    After being senstised to everything by the artificial sweetener aspartame, I now have problems with bacterial and viral infections. The parazapper does help in eliminating these infections.

    use daily when my body had succome to a virus or bacterial infection

    Lyn H
  • Zapping Rheumatoid Arthritis

    i ordered it for parasites it is impossible to know without being tested to know if it has cleared me . i have not been tested.

    convenient and easy to use. i also used the hearbal treatment for parasites

    i zapped every day for 7 days then went on hearbal treatment. i do follow up zaps. we also zap when bugs seem to be moving and spreading. this has so far seems to have worked

    S. Hutcherson
  • Zapping worked better than antibiotics

    have ParaZapper CCa ... It has worked better than anti biotics and has saved me from doctors visits and unnecessary treatmnts.

    mouth inflamation, over all yeast, bloating, cold

  • Zapping Diabeties, lung congestion, testicle

    Type 2 Diabetes and Appears to have c...d Lung congest

    I made my own copper foot pads. My primary aim was Type 2 Diabetes Which it may or not may have helped. My right Testicle was large, low and tender after Hydroceal Surgery for many month. Zapping may have restored it.

    Louis S.
  • Zapping Breast problem

    I actually put the paddles right up to the breast that offers me trouble and zap a few minutes and then go back to normal hand holding. I can feel the zapping under the implant and it feels good. My breast will get hard and my lymphnoeds swell when I do not zap, Zapping keeps it soft and I don't appear to have any problem. I do have a cat is in the house. He loves to be zapped also and will lay in my lap while he gets it.

    Thank you for providing us with some kind of devise we can use to kill parasites. Why hospitals don't have super parasite zappers is just criminal in my opion. Doctors should also have super zappers and there should be zapper units people can walk into and use as well all over the United States and the World.

    Susan K.
  • Zapping parasites

    Parasites were taking nutrition my body needs.

    It alleviated the parasite problem right away.

    My skin itched all over my body all the time. My chiropractor told me i had parasites and recommended the use of a zapper. The problem was alleviated after the first round of therapy. I am a firm believer that poor health begins with parasites. I have 2 small dogs, so it is a given I will have parasites. I think the FDA is heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies in most of the decision they make. Also the AMA. I am holistic and avoid physicians and refuse pharmaceutical. I use glyconutrients and eat raw fruits and veggies for wellness.

    Nancy S.
  • Zapping congestion, ear fungus, yeast

    bought original ParaZapper for congestion and ear problems. Fungus in ears and digestive problems, yeast.

    When I first got the zapper I used it eferyday for 5-6 weeks. Now I use it when I feel the need and I feel better right away.. I want to upgrade toa better model.

    the zapper has helped me so much with fungus and yeast.

    I think the zapper is great and your prices are good too.

    Michael B.
  • Zapping turns around health problems

    have Probable parasitic infection--hip pain, digestive problems that were long standing in nature. I really have had a complete health turnaround and feel it is likely due to the zapper

    also have stainless steel Harrington rods in back ... Have not encountered any problems using the zapper even though I have two major rods down each side of my spine plus 3 mercury tooth fillings.

    I truly believe the zapper has been a big contributing factor in my health turnaround although I am hesitant to tell the general public about the zapper and my improved health because I have met with 'ya right' attitudes. For myself, whether the zapper really made such a difference in my health life 'many years of struggles' or if using it is only psychological, I will continue to use it regularly because I will not trade how I now feel from how I felt before.

    Brenda K.
  • My ParaZapper Saved me a few trips to the doctor

    had brief head pain on right side of head after the first time I used it, never again

    Gary C.
  • Zapping parasites in the blood

    extreme parasitic conditions in blood have been cleared up completely

    not sure of parasite type but blood test showed I was loaded prior to use of the ParaZapper CCa

    David B.
  • ParaZapper returned

    THANK YOU for allowing me to try your ParaZapper and for refunding my money. You have been VERY fair and I believe your zapper is effective, but just not in my case.

  • Zapping MRSA - staph aureus, lung infection

    methysilin resistant staph aureas MRSA

    Used on four different ailments First, initial zap was 3 of 7 minutes 30k, 2500, 30k. the next day a really pronounced lump of scar tissue left by a really large MRSA infection was gone. I do mean gone. In one day! Second, flu maybe cold symtoms were met with the same regimen. I had zapped the week before, the next day I was fine. I sure I was really dealing with parasite born viruses. Third, I developed a lung infection during cedar fever season every year. This year I had symtoms of causes this infection but never reached a full blown brochitis. I dealt with the allergy and mucus and zapped. This is the only year in 11 years that I haven't had to see a doctor for antibiotics. fourth, athelets foot actually requires the most maintenance, I put the copper tubes under my feet. I use saline everytime.

    Scott F.
  • Zapping colds and flu with HIV

    Official statement... ( from HIV positive volunteer study Group at UCSF)

    25+ men with HIV use the zapper when feeling the signs of a cold or flu with almost immediate (within 24 hours) response. Symptoms seem to stop and cold/flu never advances. This data is all self reported by the individuals.

    On a side note, I have used the zapper for the same purpose and have had the same response. The symptoms are almost immediately stopped and I have not been out for the count sick once.


    I'm happy to pay for this unit, I think it definately works for some things - a trial would determine its benefits in combatting HIV.
  • Zapping candida / candida zapper

    I am glad to know that ... your products get serious recognition. They really worth it!

    I also had good results with Candida treatment, including genital Candida. Your ... plan seems logical, however I would add high concentration live Lactobacillus and Bifid bacteria rather than just yogurt. I usually use Lactobac powder.

    B. G Alternative healer
  • Zapping MS / M.S.

    I have referred many of my MS patients to your site and they are very pleased.

    Dr. S. Cornell - Author of Article on using ParaZapper for MS in the MSRC magazine.
  • Zapping serious injury

    .I have found the (ParaZapper) VERY effective, but then I have used it a lot, for several hours every day, because I have had acute, serious problems. Most recently I watched a severe cut on my hand (which I was ready to go to the emergency room to have stitched) close up and heal over completely within days with the use of the (ParaZapper).

    Dr. P. H.
  • Zapping pancreatic parasites

    I should tell you that if it were not for my zapper I wouldnt know that I have parasites in my pancreas almost causing me to develop diabetes!! I am still battling the buggers, but am so much stronger and happier. Thank you so much for your fabulous product!

  • Zapping helped with pain

    Your zapper helped my aunt. As we know, it takes a great amount of discipline... change of diet, attitude and persistency to heal.
    One thing I can tell you, it subsided her pain immensely. While she was using your Zapper, she went from using Oxycodone to just taking Advil.
    It was miraculous

  • Zapping parasites

    I got it because I did some whole blood analysis because I kept having a strange reaction to eating food. My practitioner found parasites. They were really gross and creepy. They looked like little ticks.
    The zapper killed them and that was that.

  • Best zapper

    purchased zappers from the Hulda website, pacific health products and the ultimate. Simply put (my ParaZapper) is the best zapper I ever used both for frequencies and quality construction.
    Would love to see you up your game David, your Para products are second to none

  • Professional and technically advanced to others

    your products are very professional and technicaly advanced compared to others,

  • Zapping colds and flu

    I’ve had my parazapper for a little over two years,,,,I only use when I feel like I’’m coming down with the flu or a cold and within a couple days I am fine. As a matter of fact, I will notice an immediate effect into my sinus cavity after the first use. I have used many times for this purpose

  • Zapping

    I have the CC1 model with copper foot pads. It’s great. I seldom get sick and recover much more quickly when I do, like from lack of sleep or eating older leftovers and not feeling well afterwards.

  • Happy ParaZapper customer

    I have been well pleased. I set my timer at 30 minutes and then I hold the paddles until 20 and release them. I usually need to repeat it 4 times.

  • Zapping cancer

    I had ordered the zapper for my husband who was diagnosed with cancer, after reading blogs of friends with similar experiences. ... So far so good the last time we visited our doctor and got a petscan the tumor had shrunk and the doctor said he was pleased.

  • Zapping cancer

    We got the UZI model 2 months ago. It helped the whole family a lot. In my case I would call it a life saver! I’ve had problems with parasites a long time, a few years! With the zapper I got better and better! Also I use it for my 4 children, because parasite and internal worms are a big problem here in Guatemala.

  • great product and support

    Wanted to thank you for this great product, I can already tell it's good quality. Also wanted to thank for the 5-star support! I appreciate it a lot.

  • Zapping success

    I tried it on simple cold, Flu, toothache, some types of headache, bad circulation in legs, joint pain, lack of energy. IT WORKS! Its effect on killing bacteria and pathogens is obvious after a few days of regular practie. I feel it especially when my appetite for suger subsides. Thank you Zapper!

  • Love the Zapper

    I LOVE my Zapper! I have been using one since about 2004 and I can attest to its ability to fight off a cold that's for sure. My friend has used it to get rid of cold sores. I even feel it helps my cuts heal faster.
    Thank you very much! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my Zapper.

  • Zapping in the tropics

    Thank you very much for everything your zapper was a life saver to us, and it is still to our friends in Guatemala. You are great, specially with us. Thank you.

  • Zapping prostate

    found that I have been able to keep my prostatitis at bay without antibiotics for most of that time. ... It’s not been a miracle cure, but the zapper has enabled me to go about my business with some energy and ambition instead of feeling sorry for myself. ... I believe the zapper has tipped the balance for me, so I look forward to life and all that I can do.

  • Awesome zapper

    Some time ago I purchased a Zapper from you. It is AWESOME! my life is soooo much better! Thank you!!

  • Zapping arthritis

    I have also tried Loren’s newest ‘Parazapper’ and incredibly, from the very first ( use ), it took away the constant pain in my finger which had been so very awful from arthritis, and also the pain in my feet, so things are certainly looking better and better.

  • Zapping arthritis

    I am very impressed with your product and hope to order another real soon, blessings,

  • Zapping

    I do not know what I would do without it. I have been struggling with a number of health issues. When I do not use it, I am in bad shape.

  • Zapping

    I love my ParaZapper UZI-2. I have used it a lot over the past 18 months and have sent many friends to your website. Thanks for making such a great product - one question re: support for you.

  • Zapping

    I have had your Para Zapper Plus for 2 1/2 years now and it works as well as you had said. I use it mainly for preventive maintenance and for the onset of cold or flu, IBS, etc. When in doubt I pull it out and do a zap procedure.

  • Loving ParaZapper

    Just wanting to let you know I'm loving your zapper.

  • ParaZappers best

    ... I have some Para Zappers (they are the best! and I've ordered the copper wrist bands so I can ...

    Q.E. - Comment on Youtube

  • Old ParaZapper

    I still own one of the old ParaZapper and it work flawlessly. I recommend it.

    eksangha - CureZone member

  • Ultimate Zapper

    What improve is the Ultimate Zapper? I own it and use it and it no different from my old ParaZapper ( Our cheapest, only $50.00 US ).

    eksangha -

  • ParaZapper in Orphanage

    Dear David,
    it's been now almost 1 month since I am using the pz46 for experimental purposes only and the results have been overwhelming and highly successful. For security reasons, due to my position, I am not able to explain in detail. I am sure you understand that. Thank you for it!

    Orphanage director in Africa

  • Experienced Zapper user

    The following was submitted by an experienced Clark zapper and Rife machine user: I own several models of zappers including the Ultimate Zapper and feel that this unit, ParaZapper CC1, is the best quality and has more features than any other zapper that I have tried. I recommend it for experienced users and beginners alike.

    C.B. CureZone user

  • Easing pain in bones

    I have great confidence in the zapper because of my personal experience with it. I discovered it when I had upper arm pains that were usually very sever in the night, and my doctor didnt know what to make of it. I tried a couple of other doctors who only also loaded me with pain killers that work as long as I use them. I then decided to try doctors in South Africa because I became suspicious that I may be developing cancer of the bone. They too couldn't help me. It was in that process that I discovered Dr Hulda Clarke's book and I subsequently bought a zapper. I zapped as recommended and did liver cleanse as per her book and my upper arm pain disappeared till date. Since then (more than 18 months) I have never used antibiotics or malaria treatments (mark you I used to use them virtually every month for one ailment or the other). I depend solely on the zapper

    E.O. Customer in Nigeria

  • ParaZapper for virus

    ( ParaZapper CCa ) It is effective for killing viruses. V. Scpott

  • ParaZapper effective and easy

    ParaZapper PLUS effective and easy ... I can only state the good it ParaZapper has done for me.

    Mildred C

  • Possibly the strangest Testimonial ever

    Since we started zapping and selling zappers about 4 years ago, we have had many calls and testimonials from a lot of folks about a lot of strange things. Possibly the strangest may have been my own experience. I have kept tropical fish since I was about 13 years old and have seen many of them succumb to various illnesses over the years. I currently have a 40 gallon tank with a number of fish including a school of Brilliant Rasboras. Recently, we were very busy for a few days and I did not have the time to thoroughly inspect my fish for a few days. As I sat down next to the aquarium on a Friday night, I noticed that one of the Rasboras had grown a beard. Looking closer, I discovered that it was a horrible fungal infection that had taken over the entire lower jaw. Sadly, there was not much jaw left and I started to dispose of the poor fellow. Luckily for the little guy, I noticed my zapper on the table and decided to see if it could help him. I made 2 special copper paddles and suspended each on opposite sides of a jar filled with water from the tank. The fish was placed in the jar and zapped a full session and returned to the tank. In the morning, I noticed that a lot of the fungus was gone and that there was almost no lower jaw left. I zapped the fish again for 2 more days and most of the fungus was gone. It is now 4 weeks later and the little fish is still swimming around although he has extreme difficulty eating and has lost a lot of weight because of this. He now has a gaping hole for a mouth and you can see clear down his throat but he is learning a new way to eat and swims with the rest of the school. I did start using an antifungal medicine in the tank after the 3rd day to keep it from spreading to the other fish.

    Beat this one if you can.

    David Etheredge

    The following comments from the internet are quoted because of their unusual content.

    • ParaZapper helped with bladder control

      After the birth of my fourth child, I didn't get back my full bladder control. After working with Kegel exercises, I didn't have any relief. I went to an OB-Gyn to see if there were anything to be done. Surgery was recommended. I was not open to this line of defense, so I continued to live with leakage. I was introduced to the Parazapper and the book The Cure for all Diseases. I started zapping daily after having a malignant melanoma removed, and I started reading the book to educate myself. After reading the section on incontinence, I started to pay attention to my bladder functions. I found that zapping regularly after about three weeks gave me full bladder control. If I didn't zap regularly, I would start to lose some bladder function. Almost 6 months later, I am still zapping and can now sneeze, cough, and run without any fear of leaking. This is only one of the many positive effects I have had since I began zapping and cleaning up my environment.

      posted by: Eileen

      ParaZapper liked

      Please note that while we do not promote ParaZapper for such, we found the post to be interesting and it may open doors for further research.

    • ParaZapper and tumor

      Ozonated water and a parazapper were used as well. The last two weeks of treatment we added one bottle of maitake mushroom and one bottle of inositol with IP6 was added. 45 days after diagnosis Justin went in for a pet scan and the tumor was gone.

      ParaZapper Customer comment

    • Customer Comments on ParaZapper UZI

      I am not stuck with 15 Hz alone. My "Parazapper Uzi" has 6 different frequencies on which I can run the coil. As I sit there spooling through the different frequencies I can feel a jump, but as for what the long term effects are that is going to require lots of experience with different frequencies.

      The mellowness of this set up in the photo above is probably due to the lithium quartz. It is also possible that frequency doesn't matter much since the quartz ultimately resolves what is pumped into it and then assumes its resonant frequency no matter the waveform that is put into it. The "jump" I feel may simply be that and nothing more - a brief shift in energy that then settles back to the resonant frequency of the particular quartz crystal but with amplification.

      For instance the little wrapped crystal below is ajoite (the little bit of blue is faintly visible at the top of the crystal.) What does this feel like under power? Well, it feels like amplified ajoite. The ajoite vibe will extend out into the room. It doesn't have to be held close to feel it. I am not sure it matters a whole lot what the input frequency is so long as it is transient or pulsed. The crystal is being stimulated by the transients. It is however probable that there are subtle differences according to the input waveform. I just don't know what they are yet.

      by emlong

      ParaZapper UZI customer comment - with orgonite

    • We just got our parasite zapper and so far I am impressed. It is really easy to do. I held the copper handles while I was reading posts on the forum. It only takes 7 minutes at each interval. (3 total seperated by 20 minutes break each time.) My daughter is holding them now while she watches Princess Videos online. At first it feels a little but tingly, but nothing major. I am going to try and get my son to do it while he watches a video. I may have to bribe him by feeding him a popsicle while he holds him, but I'll see. My daughter said, "the zapper will make my tummy feel better." I am sure I can even zap them at night while they sleep. I think I can even get my husband to try it, in exchange for 7 minutes of ESPN.

      I feel a bit charged even giddy, almost like I just had some espresso. I will report any effects after we do the full zapping protocol, but so far so good.

      I only zapped my daughter twice last night, because by the third time she was busy playing and wasn't interested. I didn't think it was a big deal so I didnt press the issue. This morning she seemed ok and then right after breakfast she projectile vomited. She continued vomiting every 30 minutes and I thought it was so strange. My kids rarely get sick since being on homeopathy and if they do it is a little cold. None of the rest of us have even an inkling of illness right now. Then I remembered Hulda Clark state their is a purpose for zapping three times. The first time the parasites die. However, when they die they release toxins, viruses and bacteria. You zap the second time to kill those. The third time is to make sure you killed everything. I am thinking her vomiting has to be related. I zapped her again today and she stopped vomiting and said she felt better. She still seemed like her tummy felt sick. I zapped her again and she felt a bit better but still seems a bit weak. I am going to zap her a third time and see how she is doing. Ok, I just zapped her and she is already feeling better. She was too weak to hold the handles so I put them on her feet (she liked that!) and she is giggling and in good spirits again. She was constipated this morning so I will be curious to see if anything comes out in her stool.

      I played around with it last night and ended up zapping about 6 times at different frequencies. I feel great today!!! I have energy, and my mood is great. (I struggle with depression)

      We ordered our zapper (The parazapper CC) from it does not come with instructions but you can order the instructions seperately. (A bunch of hoops to jump through because the FDA doesn't want it to be used for medical purposes.)

      Very interesting!! My main reason for the zapper was not parasites although I know it is an issue. I was more interested in how the zapper ( helps ) viruses. I was fascinated at how simple it was for her to ( use for ) HIV. I figured if it can kill HIV than it for sure can zap my daughters HHV6 and my sons measles. I always wondered how Magic Johnson all of the sudden was no longer HIV positive. I wondered if he used a zapper? I am queen of autoimmune diseases so I don't care what it kills in me just as long as I can function normally without the fatigue, depression, aches, etc. I have felt all great which NEVER happens!

      Do you know if the zapper works for yeast? If you have pink tongues that would make sense. I wonder if it worked on my daughters yeast because she had a white tongue last week and we have been trying to get the yeast in check. Her vomiting is almost like a terrible yeast die-off. Charcoal has been helping her too. Imagine if it does kill the yeast and all this time us parents have been fighting yeast like crazy and this simple zapper that the FDA wants to squash actually works! It would be a dream come true!

      Anyway, after I zapped her the vomiting stopped. She is running a fever and is a little weak, but otherwise doing fine. It seems more like die-off reactions than illness and her and her brother are inseperable so if she was sick, he would be too, yet we are all fine.

      I am so confused over everything going on in his tiny little body. How can someone who has only been alive for 4 years have so much happening in his body! UGH! We have got his autism under control for the most part (still have to do special diets, keep yeast under control, and treat with homeopathy, antivirals and now parasites) but then every now and then viruses, metals and now parasites seem to creep out and cause setbacks! I just want to clear his body out once and for good! The zapper is definately doing great things for our family.

      By Nikosmom

      From: ParaZapper customer impressed

    • I will continue zapping (hope to get back on schedule with it), as it seemed to help fairly dramatically, but apparently will not prevent reinfection. I bought the one with the hand paddles and foot plates and two frequencies (ParaZapper CCa; $155, including shipping).

      By spunky


      Morgellons - Morgellons - General Discussion - Serious Business
      ParaZapper Morgellons customer comment

    • with parazapper with additional zapper interruption by tapping finger against handle instead of holding it. Its the vibration it kills them. Take your colloidal silver too.

      By trinalin


      Morgellons-Morgellons Disease - Morgellons - Morgellons Treatment

    • Posted by Cora - CureZone member

      For quality, service, and versatility - I haven't seen any compare to this unit:

      Four modes (2 Rife: 2280, 2127, 2489 Hz and 727, 787, 880 Hz - 1 Croft: 15 Hz - 1 Clark: 27760, 29380 Hz) no cheap alligator clips (wires are soldered to copper), and detailed manual. Manufacturer perfectionistic and easily accessible for support. Well worth every penny.

    • ParaZapper and parasites

      I use a Zapper or a Parazapper ... along with some herbal formulas, to help kill off and control parasites. (AIDS, HIV, cancers, diabetes, etc. are all diseases caused by parasites that should not be in the body, interacting with specific toxins that we have allowed ourselves to be exposed to as well.) The sad thing is that our parents and grandparents knew the importance of controlling parasites by using herbs and doing internal cleansing, on a regular basis, to stay healthy, but we have totally forgotten this lesson, or maybe we never learned it.

      By Kinnley


    • ParaZapper and hair follicle parasite and mites

      Interesting article on E-How: How to Kill Mites on the Hair Follicle With Parasite Zapper

      ParaZapper on E-How for mites

    • Ultimate Zapper and ParaZapper

      Comparing to the Ultimate Zapper
      Posted by Cora - CureZone member

      For a comparable price, the superior product here: Prior post on product:

    • ParaZapper and frequencies

      Another Interesting article on E-How: How to Heal With Radio Frequencies

      ParaZapper on E-How

    • ParaZapper and Morgellons

      I have seen all the pictures of all the Morgellons afflictions ALL OF THEM. I have the leg head and arm lesions, they are almost completly gone, the use of a parazapper helped to EXPOSE the systems so I could KILL them. I do not let them heal, I make sure everything that was under the bleeding lesion is GONE. This of course is done to the complaints of everyone, but I will not do this again and again, I do it one or more at a time. I have better skin now then most people 10 years younger. If you could see the pictures of what I have EXPOSED and removed you would be amazed, you would also see the same problems on your body, NOT KNOWING WHAT ACTUALLY LAYS UNDER THE SKIN, you will heal them over as they grow and destroy your body. I do not have a lab, I only have my body to experament with, but I will not stop untill the fat lady sings! Then its over.

      By morph

      ParaZapper customer Morgellons comment

    • Arthritis and ParaZapper

      Hello as I promise to my friend andy about arthritis zapper, The best time to learn about arthritis zapper is before you're in the thick of things. ... Using ParaZapper parasite zapper ...

      Posted by Bob J, under topic Arthritis Zapper.

      ParaZapper on Arthritis forum

    • Competitor comments about ParaZapper & are selling good products - same good guy. ... parazapper stuff is not dangerous at all.

      By MZap who is another manufacturer of zappers.

      From: on the CureZone forums
      ParaZapper recommended

    • Has very old ParaZapper

      I still own one of the old ParaZapper and it work flawlessly. I recommend it.

      By eksangha CureZone forum member for years
      Old ParaZapper customer comment - work flawlessly

    • Customer Comments on ParaZapper UZI

      Anyway, I have zapped before with one other device (not Parazapper), and got decent results but nothing to really brag about (device had wrist straps unfortunately). However, when I got the Parazapper Uzi, I could tell it was stronger right away. Still, the last few days not much spectacular except moderate symptoms of herx/die off. I have also been using various forms of colloidal silver for quite some time, although it never really gives me incredible results on it's own. However, today I am not only feeling ZERO symptoms of either fatigue or strep. Normally, I'm the one in my family who holds onto viruses and bacteria longer than anyone else. It usually takes me a month to get over a simple cold. So this is exciting for me!

      By candidaquest CureZone forum member


      Parazapper Uzi customer, I could tell it was stronger right away

    • ParaZapper quality

      Some good points about the Parazapper. It has a well design circuit board instead of a simple bread board. He has a model with 2 frequencies and a current adjustment. It is closer to a Hulda Clark Zapper. I like the jack outputs for more options.


      Parazapper - some good points

    • I have been zapping with mode four of these freq And have seen the most effects through this freq ... As far as my prostate is concerned

      Parazapper customer comment - CC1

    • Hey I still got one of your product, I'm glad I had it.

      Another comment from eksangha , CureZone forum member
      Parazapper customer comment

    • I do highly recommend the CC1. It offers several frequency options

      By Cora - CureZone forum Member

      Parazapper customer comment - highly recommend

    • Customer Comments on ParaZapper CC1 and UZI

      If you want the BEST "zapper" on the market for such a purpose (IMO) you want the CCI or the upcoming UZI (Parazapper Uzi):

      By Cora - CureZone Member

      Parazapper customer comment - BEST zapper

    • Customer Comments on ParaZapper UZI combined with orgonne

      I made my first Succor Punch today using a 6 inch x 1.5 inch Vogel crystal- a very pale and perfectly clear citrine.

      The 15 Hz pulsations can be faintly felt on the body of the crystal itself. My cats are gravitating to the device and are were immediately curious about it when the circuit was energized. The wraps were none too good but seem adequate energetically.

      I have also been connecting a 15 Hz Parazapper circuit to the chembazookas central pipes and geeting areal strong signal at the pipe. Chentrailing has halted here, but the next time they fire up the clouds the bazooka will be out there with the zapper circuits going to see what happens.

      At the moment a Parazapper Uzi is being used for this. One hand pipe is taped to the bazooka pipe. I then take hold of the bazooka pipe with one hand at the nose extension. The other Parazapper pipe hand hold is held in my other hand. I am closing the circuit with my body as is normally the case with a zapper. The current is quite noticeable especially at the Croft and Rife 2 settings, and I think there is a lot of different stuff coming off of and through the bazooka and through me.

      by member emlong

      Parazapper Uzi customer comment - with orgonite ( Succor Punch )

    • Customer Comments on ParaZapper CC1

      i have a parazapper cc1 and have 4 frequencies... rife 1, clark, croft terminator, and rife 2.....i have been using all of them and zapping ????? and have been eliminating a TON of ???

      By skeer126 - CureZone Member


    • Customer Comments on ParaZapper for Morgellon's

      with parazapper with additional zapper interruption by tapping finger against handle instead of holding it. Its the vibration it kills them.

      By trinalin


    For more, see:

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Overall Positive Results

Parasites 85.3 percent
Candida 95.2 percent
Colds 96.5 percent
Allergies 65.2 percent
IBS / Colitis 56.6 percent
Flu 93.7 percent
Fungus 67.6 percent
Lyme Disease 90 percent
Allergies 65.2 percent
Herpes 60 percent
Shingles 90 percent

Users with footpads report up to twice the success of those who do not use them

Explanation of Survey Results

Any user who reports an improvement of less than 30 percent is counted as no improvemnet. This is because this is within the range of normal variation. Reported improvements above 30 percent are counted as this is considered significant as well as above the normal variation experienced by most users without using ParaZapper products. Additionally, for some of the reported conditions such as Shingles, Lyme, and Herpes the errors may be significant as the number of reports are small. For groups with parasites, candida, colds, and flu symptoms, the numbers appear to be consistant within +/- 2 to 5 percent of the reported total from survey to survey.
Any survey results presented on this page are not presented as scientific proof of any cure but only as representation of relief that may possibly be obtained from the "Off-label" use of ParaZapper products. FDA accepted tests have not been preformed because we only sell these products as devices intended for research on the remediation of microbes in water ( not intended for drinking ).

Since Dr. Hulda Clark first introduced zapping in her books, use has been expanded and many improvements have been made. ParaZapper has been found to be effective in stopping and reducing colds and the flu in addition to helping to alleviate many other health problems. Whether you are fighting any major illness or just want to improve your health, parasites may be hindering your recovery by stealing nutrition and by dumping their toxic wastes into your body.

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