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This is an amazing product that actually can kill microbes such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa as well as others, possibly even the dreaded virus. Re-introduced by Hulda Clark in the early 1990's, it is based on the idea now known to be true, that all organisms have certain frequencies that they are effected by. These zappers by ParaZapper are the best zappers available and have many important characteristics to increase effectiveness in killing germs.

True positive offset square wave technology insures full range of coverage for all Clark frequencies.

Warning: While Hulda Clark claimed that zappers could not reach internal organs, including the intestines, she did not use the advanced multi-frequency ParaZapper products with the 4 point contact and 3 points positive. Since these zappers are far more effective in inactivating microbes such as bacteria. protozoa, and fungi, and some individuals have chosen to use these ParaZappers for off-label personal use on their bodies, we have noted reports that doing so may destroy much of the natural, beneficial flora in the intestines. For that reason, it is very important to replace your microbiome with supplemental probiotics soon after using a zapper. Generally, consuming a good yogurt with live and active cultures of at least 5 or 6 strains of bacteria will be helpful in this respect. The company does not endorse any off-label use but believes ethical companies should let the public know about potential issues with off-label uses.

Important:: We are changing over to a new web site and may not be able to take orders for a couple of days. If you have time concerns, please place your order before this page goes down.

Four images below for specifications, details, and pricing of each model
Each mode of these zappers can be operated as a standard Hulda Clark Zapper 7-20-7-20-7 if so desired
However, it is best used for continuous zapping ( preferred ) for even better effectiveness.
Generally, Rife/Crane frequencies in these zappers have been in use since the 1950's and are considered safe.
More frequencies that produce better results but simple to use.
Far better accuracy means that your zapper is much closer to the exact frequency specified.
Wide range of accessories.
Stronger output but not beyond what is generally considered as safe.

Rife / Crane Frequencies included.

Click on each image for specifications, details, and pricing
ParaZapper MY-3, more power, more modes, more frequencies ParaZapper UZI=3, more power, more frequencies ParaZapper CC2, Quality Midrange ParaZapper 6-Pack, Six in One zapper

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5 year parts and labor warranty

Money back guarantee - - - - Discounted prices

All of our zappers are true square wave positive offset.

Parasite Zapper kills germs quickly

These Zappers are far more effective than any competing zapper, are made in the U.S. and include Rife Frequencies, Crane Frequencies, and Clark frequencies in easy to use modes and they meet or exceed ALL of Dr. Hulda Clark's recommendations and requirements.

Because we us True Positive Offset square wave technology, our zapper frequencies go up to 1000 kHz ( as high as the frequencies in Dr. Clark's list ), insuring coverage of the frequencies that she recommends.

The real advantage that we offer is range, accuracy, precision, and ease of use.

Zapper Video: ParaZapper MY3, World's Best Zapperfrom a customer.

If you are looking for the best quality, reliable zapper that can really produce genuine results, then read on. While we don't make any claims for healing, treating, or curing disease or illness, we can show you that our products can and do kill many microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and others in water, proving that our products outperform the competition. There is no doubt about the difference in quality, reliability, and function of our products above others, you will be convinced, especially after reviewing the over a dozen customer produced videos that are listed below. If all that you are looking for is cheap and aren't concerned about how well the product works, there are other zappers available. There is no match for ParaZapper ™ regardless of what they may claim.
Please note that due to FDA regulations, zappers aren't allowed to be sold or intended to be used as medical products. However, it is the right of any individual to choose to use these for their needs. The FDA regulates companies and their products but not individual choices.
Also, due to FDA regulations that prohibit such actions, they are not sold for the treatment or cure of any disease.

Zapper prices: $125 US to $859 US. see: Zappers at the menu on the top of this page.

Zapping kills microbes

Visible Proof Image Below shows that the microbes in the jar on the right are killed by zapping for a 1 hour session, two days in a row.

The cloudiness and color of the control jar on the left shows that there are still living microbes in it and they are not just algae. The zapping killed bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and other microbes in addition to the algae that gives the green color.
This, very plainly shows how effective a multi-frequency zapper like ParaZapper can be at killing many kinds of microbes at once.
Many other zappers, including the original zapper are nowhere near this effective.

Parasite Zapper zaps microbes quickly

When observed under the microscope, the electrical current appears to explode almost all of the micro-organisms present.
For more information, see:
zapper works video.

If it can do this with water, why couldn't it do the same with other water based systems such as the human body? It is definitely time for more studies and research on the Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper.

Zapper Testimonials
Only a few:

  • I purchased this back a few years ago and I cannot convey the recovery and transformation this device has proven to be one of the "best kept secrets" to eliminating and detoxifying your body. "No, I am not a seller just a buyer who is putting this out there for anyone who has a doubt like I did. I did some research and listened to other purchasers and thought "what the hell". It sounds basic enough after all our bodies are mostly water and it seemed apparent that when your body in not fully charged you become open to parasites and unwanted bacteria and so on. In short, I highly recommend this especially for those with an Immune disorder" or Cancer for starters. Much love and appreciation for this foundation for there effort and vigilance to understanding and sharing true medicine which has been hidden from us through lies and deceit. Pay close attention people. This is definitely one for the books. Love always, Victor.

    Victor ( ParaZapper customer ) on Facebook
  • I have used many types of zappers over the years and I can state from experience and extensive use that Parazapper makes the best zapper and also the best value in a zapper

    Syyenergy7 on youtube -> Best Survival 'Zapper'
  • I have the ParaZapper UZI and simply put you have the best constructed quality zapper I know.

    B.D. - S.E. Asia

  • ... I have some Para Zappers (they are the best! and I've ordered the copper wrist bands so I can ...

    Q.E. - Comment on Youtube

  • I still own one of the old ParaZapper and it work flawlessly. I recommend it.

    eksangha - CureZone member

  • First of all we want to say, we appreciate our ParaZappers very much.
    parasite and internal worms are a big problem here in Guatemala.

    You are great, specially with us. Thank you.

    R.B - Europe

  • Thanks so much for selling the ParaZappers! I had read about them for years and never had the extra money to get one. I went to a workshop given by Valerie H here in Oneonta, NY and we all got to use the zapper. I was immediately hooked and couldn't wait to get one. I let two friends use mine and they ordered zappers too. :)

    Thanks again,


  • it's been now almost 1 month since I am using the pz46 for experimental purposes only and the results have been overwhelming and highly successful. For security reasons, due to my position, I am not able to explain in detail. I am sure you understand that. Thank you for it!

    Orphanage director in Africa

  • I am thankful for this opportunity to rave about my zapper. I recommend it to EVERYBODY I know ... the zapper did much more for my family than it described

    Donna S.

  • I love my ( ParaZapper ) and feel I would not be alive today if it weren't for David sending me one. I am using it now more than ever BECAUSE IT HAS PROVEN TO ME THAT IT WORKS. I have recommnded this zapper to many of my friend.

    I simply love you David.

    Thank you so much.

    Tammy R.

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ParaZapper advantage over other zappers?

  • More accurate than other products that cost 2 or even 4 times are much.
     This means that you are getting the same frequency that other customers get.
  • No need to know exactly what you are dealing with,
     Example: The Clark mode on the MY-3 covers over 95 percent of that is listed in Dr. Clark's list
     Example: The frequencies in Rife mode 1 and Rife Mode 2 on the MY-3 provides coverage of the great majority of microbes that are listed in the Rife list.
     Example: Considering that Dr. Clark stated that any frequency would do, it is good to know that 10 frequencies may produce 10 times the results.
  • Quick, easy, and convenient to use. No need to select or program individual frequencies.
  • No need for program cards or special modules

ParaZapper Works in 1` minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 7 minutes, as well as any parasite zapper out there that claims that they work in the same time. However, you can't get full benefit from those other zappers or ours in such a limited time. This is because at any single frequency, it takes a minimum of 7 minutes to have anywhere near to 100 percent effectiveness at that frequency. Don't let their claims fool you. We have tested both their zappers and ours and theirs aren't any better and in general theirs are not as good as ours is. Using the CC2 for 1 hour kills more microbes than the competition can in 4 hours or even much longer. Ask them to show a picture from their product like the one of the two jars below. Ask them for a proof of effectiveness video, showing that their zapper actually kills microbes. Without a doubt, most competitor's zappers can't do it regardless of how good they claim that theirs are.

If you are new to parasite zapping, this video may give some good information: Video review of ParaZapper CC2. There are several more videos below.

Also, be especially wary of those companies that promote the food zapper as it doesn't work!.

Dr. Hulda Clark, in her books, claimed that "any frequency between 10 Hz and 500,000 Hz" will kill all microbes and parasites. The truth is that any frequency will kill some microbes and parasites, but not all. This claim was flawed because she used her synchrometer as a verification tool rather than traditional methods. The zapper killed many of the microbes but stunned many others so that they stopped resonating for a while but later recovered. Since the Synchrometer only checked for resonance, it didn't detect the still living but stunned microbes. We now know that in order to kill all microbes and parasites, many frequencies will work better than just one. Sadly, some zapper manufacturers haven't figured this out yet. ParaZapper ™ CC2, UZI-3, and MY include the very latest technological improvements that make them the Best Hulda Clark Zappers available as well as serving as Rife-Crane Pad type devices.

If you have any doubt about the quality and value of our products, see the user posted videos listed below.

Zappers and zapping information, free PDF download and an 80 page booklet is available at

Some zappers are sold with AC wall adapters. While our zappers could be used in this way just as well as theirs, we DO NOT Recommend it. Those wall power adapters aren't designed for use on humans or for anywhere that humans might come into contact with any water that is being zapped. For that reason there is a safety issue. It may not be a tremendous risk but do you really want to become that statistic? Dr. Clark clearly states that you should only use battery powered zappers. All of our zappers operate from Alkaline 9 volt batteries but may be used with 9.6 volt rechargeable batteries.

While our zappers are as good as any competitor and actually better than any zapper available, because we are in the US and have been advised by the FDA of certain US regulations, there are limitations to what we can claim without being financially penalized.

Although our Hulda Clark zappers actually produce better results than the competition, we are not allowed to make any claims for the use of our products on the human body or for treating or curing disease or for the treatment of parasites. The FDA has threatened us with charges of violating their regulatory fee requirements if we make any of these claims. Their letter to us does not question the validity of our past claims and doesn't question the effectiveness of our devices. Please see:
FDA Warning Letter to ParaDevices. So, you can plainly see why we are not posting claims or publishing testimonials that would give the FDA the ability to shut us down.

Why hasn't the FDA gone after the other sellers? Either those other sellers are not in the US or their products aren't strong enough or effective enough to get the FDA's attention.

We ship worldwide to any country that isn't banned from trade by the U.S. government.

We have over 14 different model selections, priced from $125.00 to $859.00, plus a variety of accessories to choose from. We also carry a line of Frequency generators for more serious research work.

Important Inventory Note: Because we are factory direct and items are built to order, our inventory will almost always show as [Out of Stock]. This doesn't mean that you will have to wait a long time. Please see Shipping Information for more.

Since 2001, ParaZapper ™ has been a leader in the industry, producing quality Hulda Clark Zappers and selling them at the lowest prices possible.

We provide the industries best rated return policy as well as the best parts and labor warranty. While some competitors may say that they offer longer terms, they seem to come up with tricks and glitches whenever returns or repairs are asked for.

While we like and appreciate these zapper review videos from customers on YouTube,
We do not necessarily agree with everything that is said in them.

ParaZapper MY3, World's Best Zapper

Video review of ParaZapper CC2

How to use the ParaZapper CC2 and what the indicators show

ParaZapper CC2 very accurate frequency

ParaZapper CC2 very good accuracy

ParaZapper MY video discusses frequencies and their importance

ParaZapper MY video discusses Modes of operation

ParaZapper MY Beck and Clark - best of both worlds

ParaZapper MY has the same powerful, excellent output as the CC2

ParaZapper MY compared to the Bob Beck Blood Electrifier

Examination of the Inside of ParaZapper MY and using the Clark Mode 8

MY ParaZapper High Output & Pedestal Offset shown on the scope

Bob Beck Zapper and MY ParaZapper

MY ParaZapper Accuracy as shown of frequency meter

ParaZapper emergency survival tool

Discussion of the Bob Beck Zapper

User's Favirite Mode on the MY Zapper

The Zapper I use daily, ParaZapper MY

10000 Hertz, Your Frequency & ParaZapper MY Plus

ParaZapper My Plus, the Best device for Contact Mode

ParaZapper Six Pack, Very Good ACCURACY PROVEN


Easiest Way to Use 'Rife' Contact Mode

Important Healing & Immunity, Rife, Crane & Clark

Definitely The World's Best Zapper ParaZapper MY+Plus

Fast, Easy Way to 4 point, 3 points positive Zap

Easy Wide Elastic Bands for 4 point Zapping

If you would like to post a ParaZapper review video on YouTube or other site, please let us know so that we can link to you. We also have occasional rewards and bonuses such as discounts on our newest products to show appreciation for those who post the best videos or blogs.

If you mention any use on the human body or for any illness and disease, please state that you are using this product "Off-Label".

including true square wave and positive offset.

Over 98 percent customer satisfaction,
our company has a top rating with the business bureau.
ParaZapper UZI produces 100 percent positive signal and True Square Wave. Click for larger image.

Image shows both Positive Offset
and True Squarewave under load.

We have a range of products from the least expensive 6-Pack model, to the more advanced Multi-frequency zappers with Rife frequencies, and also Frequency Generators.

To see and read about these or other information, please click on any of the links to the left.

hulda clark parasite zapper by ParaZapper

  • True Positive offset as specified by Dr. Clark
  • Yes, Current Compensated Stabilized output on all ParaZapper ™ .
  • Optional Super Stabilized output, not recommended! on ParaZapper ™ UZI models.
  • Better Dual Frequency zapper (30 kHz)and (2.5 kHz)= better results than single frequency.
  • Multiple Frequency zappers can more effectively reach more organisms.
  • Better Zapper Made in the USA of high quality parts .
  • Better Top quality wires and plugs, more compact
  • Solid wire connections, no flimsey alligator clips.
  • Long battery life: Power and Status LEDs on all models show that the unit is working correctly, not just on or off.
  • Basic Instructions for water treatment and detailed Information booklet available separately.
  • Ruggedly built for long lasting reliability.
  • Best Zapper Price, Quality, Reliability, Performance .
  • Battery included
  • Over 25,000 sold since 2001 with over 98 percent customer satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction guarantee includes a 30 day return policy,
    and a
    5 year parts and labor warranty on our Zappers.
  • Toll Free Customer Support for US and Canada. E-mail support is also available.

We offer a range of safe, good quality, reliable zappers, made in the U.S.A., that work and our customers love it.

A good reason to buy our products is that we offer better quality at near wholesale prices, not the over inflated prices that some dealers charge. Do not end up paying over $200.00 for a product that has nothing more than a timer chip, cheap components, lamp cord wires, and alligator clips, and should only sell for $60.00 or less. Any zapper that sells for over $100.00 US should have a microprocessor or computer chip in it. All of our products have a microprocessor for greater accuracy and reliability.

These products use Pulsed Electric Field or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field, PEMF, technology which has been studied by the FDA for inactivation of microbial organisms in foods and found to be effective. While some sellers may try to claim otherwise, Zappers have not been approved by the FDA for use on humans. The use of PEF has been approved for the treatment of certain cancers in humans under certain circumstances.
Clark Zapper visits
link ref

The following statement is true for All zappers, regardless of where purchased, not just ParaZapper.

Notice: On advice of counsel, we are required to inform you that the statements and claims on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease -- not for use on humans or with pets. These battery powered devices are not offered or intended for human use or to diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions, nor to recommend specific products as treatment of disease or to provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, or apply medical, mental health or human development principles. The devices discussed herein have not undergone evaluation and/or testing by the United States Food and Drug Administration or like agency of any other country. Risks that might be determined by such testing are unknown. The information on this site is not a substitute for medical or veterinary advice.

Additional Notice: These devices are sold only for the experimental use of killing microbes in water. Any other usage is considered to be off-label and such usage is at the discretion of the user. This is not a Medical device and is not represented as such.

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